Youth Development

Proposal For Funding and sponsorship


dev2Our focus is on delivering quality professional training to all sectors of the population in South Africa. Our goal has started with the setting up of our centres and purchase of equipment. We believe that now is the time to expand our offerings and see these sports take off in South Africa.

At the moment we have 2 centres which are growing nicely with basic introduction courses. The first location is based on Zandvlei Lake in Muizenburg, Cape Town. It offers a very protected training environment, ideal for introducing watersports to young people with little to no experience. The schools in the surrounding areas cater for a wide range of students with fantastic abilities and interests, most of whom come from low or no income households. The second centre is at Hout Bay Harbour and offers students the chance to sail from the harbour and beach in a protected bay.

dev3A great advantage that we have in attracting students and funding is that we are not a club. Our aim is to provide quality watersports participation without trying to maintain memberships or problematic committees.


We want to offer a quality, well delivered programme of watersports open to people of all economic, social and ability levels. The development of this plan is based on a period of five years and includes a legacy period that extends beyond this timeframe. We will not require any form of membership to take part in these activities.
The business process has been split into these key objectives:
Employment opportunities
  • There is a need for skilled personnel in the marine sector. The fishing sector is in decline and the sport, leisure and tourism is on the rise.
We can offer
  • Instructor training in watersports, powerboating, yachting
  • Crew training for charter vessels, day trips such as Robbin island tours, whale watching etc.
  • Marine tour guides.
dev4Youth Development / Mass Participation
  • Short courses covering training, practice, and development opportunities in watersports. This includes recoganised certificates from beginner to instructor qualifications.
Skills Development
  • Sports development training taking aspiring athletes into the racing world. Local, national and possibly international. The main focus initially is dinghy sailing and windsurfing which will expand into Yachting and other watersports over time.
dev5One Design Race series
  • One design racing is an equal platform for young racers to compete on identical dinghies and windsurfers. It offers a fantastic product open to all. Club memberships not required. This would include modern international class dinghies and windsurfers for ages 12 years and upwards.
Apprenticeship / internship / scholarship
  • 2 or 3 year apprenticeship covering all the requirements to produce quality sailors and mariners that are ready to contribute to the marine sector in South Africa and internationally.
  • Professional Self-sustaining Future
  • The business goal is to produce a self-sustaining organisation, running quality courses for all people, including opportunities for future athletes, mariners, and to improve social skills through sport and maritime training.
  • Activity programmes for social development of young people
  • Sports development in local area and beyond
  • Community engagement; strengthening the local social fabric
  • Developing young athletes in their chosen field and new and diverse sports
  • Teaching skills of leadership, teamwork and challenging personal limits
  • Creating job opportunities as instructors, coaches, beach assistants, life guards, yacht skippers, boat drivers, administration, security and commercial activities

Funding details 

IntroductionTo allow us to offer these quality courses, we need the support of funders and commercial sponsorships. Our focus is on the training of people on the water, rather than creating a large and expensive administrative institution. So, every Rand spent will help to empower our youth in their search for glory at whatever level.

One of the drawbacks in sailing and windsurfing is the cost of equipment per student when compared to soccer, for example. The cost of a dinghy is in the range of R65,000 plus the life jackets, wetsuits, safety boat, instructors, etc. However not everyone is a footballer or rugby player.

dev7Introducing people to these activities could lead them to working on or skippering their own fishing boat, sailing yacht, motor cruiser to Robbin Island and instructing young people in the skills of watersports. These skills will create jobs and capable employees for other industries.

How to Support the Academy

We would like to fund the training mentioned above away from our Sail and Power buisness. This would most likely be through a NPO/NGO offering the training to uplift the participents involved. Should you have an intrest in supporting this exciting venture please contact us for more information.

Kind regards
Peter Daly

20160404 001    SRC VHF Radio course now available for South Africa and International use.

  If you use a marine radio you should hold the correct certificate. We offer the
  SRC certificate as a one stop process. This means you do not need to do any
  running around. we provide the pre course learning pack, course and manual,
  exams written and practical collect the certificates etc.

  If you have a marine VHF radio with DSC capability on your vessel when its time for survey you will need
  to show a 'Ships radio license' and the 'SRC operators certificate'
  contact us for any infomation. We can set up the LRC and GMDSS courses as well.