Yacht Crew Training

Yacht Crew Training Courses

Deckhand Career Courses24-31 days R26 000 - R39 900

Deckhand Career Courses

These group of courses are aimed to equip an individual with the right knowledge and licenses to enter the Super Yacht Industry.
We will cover everything from how to enter the industry right through to getting the licenses that you would require to secure your first position.
We have three different level courses included that you can choose from:

Advance Deckhand
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory
  • RYA VHF/SRC Radio
  • RYA Radar
  • RYA Diesel Engine
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2
  • RYA Super Yacht Tender Operator
  • RYA Advance Powerboat MCA Coded
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency
  • Deckhand Course
  • STCW 95 - 5 Modules

  • RYA VHF/SRC Radio
  • RYA Radar
  • RYA Diesel Engine
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency
  • Deckhand Course
  • STCW 95 - 5 Modules
Please note that we only take 3 students per course.  And booking your course date and securing your spot in advance is advisable. 
Should you have any questions or if you would like to book your spot please contact Michelle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We look forward to seeing you on the water.



The SYSA Introductory Steward/ess course is PYA internationally accredited!
See www.pya.org for more information regarding the PYA STEWARD/ESS GUEST Programme, an internationally accredited Super Yacht Steward/ess qualification.

It is highly recommended to complete the full package to maximize your chances of finding a job quickly, acquiring all the skills you will need for your new career and making your CV as attractive as possible to a future super yacht employer.

R 7 250 (This includes your 3 PYA accredited Certificates - a value of R 1 200) – (this is the newest info from 1 Jan 2015)

Price for this same PYA Stewardess course package in Europe and UK – R 19 000!! – (this is the price now with the weak Rand)

Prices for separate modules:

Module 1 – PYA Interior Introduction:

R 5 700

Module 2 – PYA Basic Food Service:

R 3 000

Module 3 – PYA Wine and Cocktail Introduction:

R 3 000

(A huge saving of R 4 450 if you complete the entire 5-day package!)

The full course package is divided into 3 sections – preparing you for your all-important job as an Entry-Level Steward/ess on super yachts:


The Interior Introduction module is a 3-day basic course created to immerse entry-level Steward/esses into the world of yachting. This module aims to give them an all-encompassing introduction to the varied role of and interior crew member. It outlines all the major responsibilities that a Steward/ess will be expected to face – and will also cover a range of important issues from life at sea, to yacht etiquette and safety. Upon completion of this course, new interior crew should be sufficiently prepared to take the next step in their onboard career.

  • Demographics of the industry
  • Different types of yachting
  • Guidelines on how to enter the industry (CV, visas, where to go, when to go, looking for a job, interviewing, crew contracts, salary expectations, crew agents)
  • Yachting life – life at sea on a professional yacht
  • The departments onboard a yacht
  • The role of the Interior Department
  • Your role as a Steward/ess
  • Personal presentation, correct dress, punctuality
  • Communication and behaviour, verbal and written communication and body language
  • How to interact with guests and awareness of cultural differences, such as guests from USA, Britain, Russia, Asia, etc.
  • Yacht Interior Housekeeping – guests onboard or no guests onboard
  • Pre-guest checklists
  • Steward/ess Scheduling and Rotations
  • Garbage/Rubbish disposal
  • Cabin cleaning and detailing
  • Cleaning caddy
  • Yacht interior surfaces – do's and don'ts
  • Yacht interior fabrics - care and handling
  • Laundry labels
  • Crew and guest laundry
  • Washing machine, tumble drying and ironing
  • Correct way to treat various linens
  • Ironing, folding and presenting laundered garments
  • Yacht safety
  • Hazards in the interior
  • Cleaning chemicals – correct use
  • MSDS and Hazard Symbols


Although many entry-level Steward/esses are already skilled in food service, this basic service course covers a range of service types and has adapted guest table service to yacht industry standards. Onboard, you will be expected to be extremely flexible and report to the style required by each guest – be it plated, silver service or platter. This 1-day course highlights the fundamental difference between the various service types and also describes the all-important practical overview of table service and decoration and beverage service as it is done on yachts.

  • Service Definitions
  • Different Styles of Service – American, English, Russian, Butler Style, etc.
  • Caviar Service
  • Hors d'oeuvres, Canapés, Appetizers, etc.
  • Breakfast service
  • Mise en place for service
  • Beverage Service – Tea, Coffee, Cocktails, Wine, Water
  • Working with menus, preference sheets and cheat sheets


In-depth knowledge of wines and cocktails is something that develops gradually and with years of experience. Interior yacht crew are expected to be ready to serve and suggest the correct wines or beverages to compliment meals and prepare cocktails in a professional manner. Being prepared with fundamental knowledge in both areas is vital and can be achieved in this intensive 1-day course. We cover the basics of food and wine pairing, wine regions and grapes of the world, as well as the main spirits and cocktail preparation.

  • Introduction to the world of wine
  • Wine tasting principles as well as a practical wine session, tasting various SA and International wines
  • Food and wine matching
  • Faulty wines
  • Grapes of the world
  • Wine regions of the world
  • New world and old world wine making
  • Service of wine
  • Spirits and cocktails
  • Cocktail service
  • Main spirit styles
  • Practical cocktail blending session


(These are very beneficial to add to your basic Super Yacht Training to get your CV noticed by Captains and Yacht owners). Please contact us for information regarding these courses.
  • Super Yacht Flower Arranging Course – 1 day
  • WSET Wine Courses – various levels – various days
  • Basic Food Health and Safety Certificate – online training courses
  • Barista Course – 3 days
  • Bar Tender Course (Level 1) – 4 days
  • For Captains: We offer Customized Training for your Steward/esses on board – please contact us for more information


An Industry Standard – Why? Interior yacht crew play a vital and fundamental role as front line to owners and guests. They ensure that top grade service and hospitality are enjoyed on board. There is little formal training available. In addition, until now, the training that does exist varies widely in both scope and objectives. The PYA's Industry Standard for Interior Crew Training and Certification (ICTC) Guidelines © unify these different approaches.

Objective: The aim of the ICTC structure is to provide a balance of work experience with formal training for those pursuing a career as Interior Yacht Crew. Time spent with guests on board, combined with qualifications achieved at Introductory level, Operational Level and leading to a Managerial level establish a comprehensive industry standard for Professional Interior Crew.

ICTC GUEST © guidelines – how do they fit in? The certification system is modular in structure. Training objectives with syllabus outlines for each individual module are defined in the guidelines. These allow each Training Provider to adapt their own courses so as to include the minimum expected by the yachting industry. This ensures a unified, across the board, training dividend for each student. Any Training Provider that meets the requirements are given accreditation to issue PYA certificates. Through audits, PYA monitors the training being delivered to ensure that what is being taught is in fact what is called for by the guidelines.

Superyacht Steward, Stewardess and Deck crew Training Courses, Cape Town, South Africa

crew ryaOur courses include, STCW 10, Powerboating from Level 2 to Advanced plus the PWC (Jet Ski) Proficency and instructor course. Add to this our VHF/SRC Radio and other shorebased courses and you will be well on your way. Then the Day Skipper and Yachtmaster courses will get you into top gear for an exciting future in this ever expanding industry. Anyone joining the Superyacht industry will be pleased to hear that the new RYA Tender Operators course is now available with us. See the information below.

crew superWe are pleased to offer the courses needed to take you from novice to expierianced crew in a time line that suits your needs and budget. All the qualifications in the world will not help if you are not hard working, professional, clean, smart, with impeccable maners and have a full understanding of the industry.

Peter Daly is the Principle of Sail and Power SA. He has been boating for over 30 years, the last 10 in South Africa. As well as being a Yachtmaster Instructor he is also the only Powerboat and PWC Trainer in Africa. This means most of the instructors working in South Africa has been trained or Moderated by Pete.

It is vital to understand the role and responsibilities of a super yacht entry level crew member when investing in training qualifications.

The responsibilities of newbie Deckhands are limited, due to the lack of yachting experience they will have when starting out in the industry. These vessels are worth millions of Dollars and as a result, the new Deckhand's role on board is limited to cleaning, polishing, maintenance and duties such as tender driving, anchoring, line handling – until he has proven himself as trustworthy, responsible and showing initiative. The same can said for the Stewardess joining a vessel for the first time. Having silver service employment in 4 or 5 star hotels will help a lot. Bar work at the local Pub may not.

Diversity in qualification not only opens additional avenues for employment, but will set you apart from the other crew and get your CV noticed within a pile of newbie job applications.

crew stewWe have looked at the market and come up with a range of courses that cover the needs of the newbie on a gap year or two, to the career minded individual looking for a long term future in the Superyacht Industry.

Our courses are not set in stone you can pick and chouse your eliments, take a few weeks to complete them or a year or two it up to you. We want you to succeed and enjoy your training.

20160404 001    SRC VHF Radio course now available for South Africa and International use.

  If you use a marine radio you should hold the correct certificate. We offer the
  SRC certificate as a one stop process. This means you do not need to do any
  running around. we provide the pre course learning pack, course and manual,
  exams written and practical collect the certificates etc.

  If you have a marine VHF radio with DSC capability on your vessel when its time for survey you will need
  to show a 'Ships radio license' and the 'SRC operators certificate'
  contact us for any infomation. We can set up the LRC and GMDSS courses as well.