shark In 2013 Shark Spotters sent two staff members to Sail and Power SA for powerboat training, with the aim of writing their 1nm skippers tickets (certificates of competency). Having little boat experience prior to the training, it really was a case of starting from scratch and teaching them from the absolute basics of boat care and maintenance, to the more complex handling and safety issues. Pete was absolutely brilliant and gave the guys a fantastic grounding in all aspects of running and maintaining a power boat, as well as assistance with the theory side of things. He made sure they were capable “behind the wheel” and ensured they had the necessary skills to not only pass the exam, but be confident and safe skippers out on the water in the future. Now the guys operate a powerboat on a daily basis, towing a half ton shark exclusion barrier into position every day! None of which could have been possible without the strong foundation laid by Sail and Power SA, who we would definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn powerboat and seamanship skills, and receive the necessary qualifications at the same time.

Sarah Waries (Titley)
Project Manager
Shark Spotters

catherineI can highly recommend using Sail & Power SA to obtain your RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate. It is a very informative and practical 2 day course.  Pete is an excellent teacher and has a great level of knowledge, experience and patience. 

Shortly, after completing my course I left for Fort Lauderdale, and I am currently working - as a stewardess - on a 150ft private motor yacht.

Catherine Finn

lisaMy name is Lisa-Marie Auditore, I am 23 and have recently started out in the yachting industry. I did my powerboat level 2 with Peter Daly in Simons Town during November 2013. It is an essential and basic qualification for most crew positions. The course was carried out efficiently and thoroughly,  and even whilst raining and windy I enjoyed every part of it. Peter is patient and very knowledgeable and made both theory and practical aspects interesting. I would recommend him to anybody. 

I am currently in the South of France with a position a 35m superyacht. I am working as a stewardess, but after one season of experience ideally hope to move to deck and water sports. After 2 months abroad I have already done so much and look forward to what is to come. It is a busy and exciting industry with many opportunities.
st marineFalse Bay Yacht Club and the Simon's Town Marina Company had five of our staff put through the RYA and SAMSA Cat E course run by Pete Daly of Sail and Power SA. He dealt with the mixed nationalities and levels of previous education well, as they come from all over Africa.

They all passed their final tests and we are now proud to have five licensed skippers for our ferry and work boats. Their levels of seamanship and understanding are vastly improved as is their basic knowledge. They are an asset to the two organizations.

Spilly Spilhaus
Marina Manager
Sail and Power SA assisted in getting another TICK on my bucket list. I attended a 2 hour windsurfing introductory lesson and couldn't believe the results.

My first attempt at windsurfing was as a 9 year old and as expected, it was a complete disaster! Thus, conquering this sport has always seemed unattainable and very daunting to say the least. I came across a Sail & Power SA promotion last year and took it as a sign, this was destiny.

On arrival in Zandvlei, I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality equipment, the utmost attention to safety and the thorough instructions. I was joined by two other first timers and we got schooled in the art of windsurfing. We had a lesson with practical work before entering the water and all was crystal clear by the time we had to pull our own sail up. 
Now I am not saying that I didn't get a fall or two in, but after about an hour I was SAILING! I took to it like a house on fire and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face if you tried.

Thank you Sail and Power SA for making me face a huge fear and putting me well on my way to purchasing my own windsurf! What a fun, safe sport! I would recommend you guys to anyone with ease.

Monique Jordaan Elliott
moniqueI have been working on yachts for 3 years and recently moved up to Bosun. I found the Personal Watercraft Instructors course informative, educational and enjoyable, a great bunch of lads! It has proved to be a valuable certification within the yachting industry. Andrea Giulaino
georgeI moved from Belgium to SA last April 2013. I have been fishing over there on several different ski-boats for the last 30 years. I however did not have a skipper ticket that would be acceptable for SA.

So I looked for a teacher and a good course to be able to get the proper ticket. In the mean time I became a member of the FBYC and to my surprise, they had a proper course - Sail and Power SA by Pete Daly - to be held on the premises.

I had my first lessons for the Cat E ticket in the False Bay Yacht Club in Simonstown. It was a one day a "speed" course both theoretical and practical. Thanks to my good teacher Pete Daly and my (however limited) experience, I passed.  Then I bought a proper Tuna Boat - Fish Eagle 2, a 28' Butt Cat - and the fun began.  10 months later, I wanted to upgrade to Cat C as I do my fishing mostly in deeper +15 NM water. That is where the Tuna lives, and that is where I have to go. Again I contacted Pete Daly and he prepared me in one evening for the next exam. Again I passed.

Happy to have all the necessary tickets and really can enjoy my passion. All thanks to Pete !

Georges Portocarero
robinRobin Christian, currently serving as Chief Officer aboard a 45m 3 masted schooner.

Imparting ones own knowledge and skills can be a challenge. I found the course to be insightful and great fun!! Our instructors were very knowledgeable and the facilities and equipment were top notch, which allowed me to focus on the course content and objectives. I found the instruction methodology we were taught to be helpful, not only in the training environment but also an asset to be used in the broader super yachting industry. The course was the Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski) Instructors course and the Powerboat Instructors course.

Regards and many thanks.